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The Perfect Scenic Lakes for Water Skiing in the US

Summer is around the corner and below we shall discuss some of the best lakes in the US, where you can cool off from the heat. As you prepare for the same, booking a vacation rental nearby the thrilling lake destinations of your choice will give you ample time to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Lake Texoma in Texas

Lake Texoma is one of the largest in the country with 12 different marinas where you can find exquisite vacation rentals. It is located on the borders of Oklahoma and Texas. It lies at the conflux of Red River and River Washita. It is also referred to as the ‘playground in the South West.’ You can visit the wildlife refuge in the nearby or try fish sporting when you are not water skiing.

Lake Texoma
Lake Texoma

Lake George in New York

It is located in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. It is one of the most popular destinations for skiing and boating. There are vacation rentals and restaurants around the lake and in the nearby towns like Chester and Bolton. It offers numerous marinas, boat launching points and you can hire skis and boats or launch your own.

Lake Cumberland in Kentucky

It is found in south-central Kentucky, with a shoreline of over 1250 miles of crystal clear water. It has four full-service marinas where you can rent skis or boats. The marinas offer restaurants, fuel piers and slips in abundance.  In August they offer a trilling ‘Lake Cumberland Raft Up’ where participants strive to break the record (Guinness World Record) on the number of boats attached to one raft. Ensure you don’t miss the fun if you around in August.

Lake Michigan

 It is one of the most ideal destinations in the area because it can be accessed from different cities which include Green Bay, Milwaukee and Chicago. There are numerous beaches around the lake and accessing skis and boats is very easy because the outfitters around the lake offer several of them. It is also known as the “third coast” because the lake is so large it is almost like an ocean. So after the East Coast and the West Coast, there is the Third Coast of Lake Michigan. The water happens to be the warmest in late July and the beginning of August.

Lake Tahoe in California-Nevada

It is the highest Alpine Lake in North America and is often termed the ‘best lake in America’ it has a shoreline of over 70 miles with 25 beaches. Some of the least crowded and most impressive beaches include Kiva Reagan, Kings, North shore and South shore beaches. There are plenty of areas you can hire and launch boats and skis.

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

Table Rock Lake

 It is located between Kansas City and St Louis. It stretches 56 miles along the border of Missouri-Arkansas. It is quiet and offers the ideal serenity of a perfect getaway summer destination. This is because it is not crowded and when you have the engine off the air is filled with beautiful sounds from the birds. There are large rock bluffs and the besides being pretty they also cause the bird songs to echo off for a neat effect. Some other breathtaking destinations include Lake Lanier, Lake Powell, Lake Norman, The Blue Mesa Reservoir and Lake Havasu.